Got Towing and Found a New Beauty Salon

24hour towing

Finding out new passion of mine is always a great thing as a jeweler.

So after doing tons of research and weighting my options and the pros and cons, I decided to try to get lash extensions about a month ago. I still have mixed feelings about them.

They make me look great, I have that flawless feeling that Beyoncé sings about when I wake up and have on no makeup and I look great enough to run out to the grocery store or gas station without scaring away all the little kids and some adults for that matter.

The only thing is that they are kind of high maintenance. You have to keep a little mascara wand with you to brush them every now and then because they can get tangled. It’s almost like you have to constantly check to make sure your lashes look ok or risk looking like a cave woman with fuzzy caterpillars on your eyes and I assume it might be pretty painful if you just let them stay tangled. I tend to toss and turn when I sleep and sometimes I would put a little crease on the side of my lashes, so that looked weird. But the worst part is when they start to grow out and shed with your natural lashes, you look really weird.

You have these long, fluttery beautiful lashes that a huge gap where 5 or so have fallen out. I would definitely get them again because they make me feel so glamourous and effortlessly beautiful but they are an expensive habit to keep up. I had to pay $200 for my initial set and I was quoted $80 for the fill in where the lashes started falling out. It’s almost as much as I had to pay for tree services one time. Anyways most women get both top and bottom lashes then get fills every six weeks.

So you end up paying a pretty penny to look pretty and that’s not something I’m willing to do while I have my other bills, it’s not a priority for me like eating or having my lights on. They are addictive, you get addicted to the look and feel of them but I’ll stick to my $5 strip lashes from the beauty supply store until I can afford to look like the celebrities that frequently wear the lash extensions. They’re something good for a special event but not for everyday use for me. There a few cons that I took the risk with as well. I heard of people doing lashes without any formal training, just learning from YouTube or a friend and then buying supplies.

The lash extension business is not something that is regulated by beauty laws yet, but it should be. Most people that apply lash extensions rent out their own studio and either only do lashes or supplement with makeup and waxing eyebrows. People are getting eye infections and losing their own lashes permanently because of lack of proper training. However, if you can find a good lash stylist, as they call themselves, definitely go for it. It’s a great experience and make for a great selfie booster without a filter!

The best beauty place I found when I had to get my car towed to a tire shop when I got a flat tire the other week and while I was waiting for the car to get fixed, I walked over to a beauty salon next door and I found the best prices in Michigan. Anyway I really liked this towing company so I’m going to give them a shout out.