Fine art of jewelry making, what does it become to get yourself known


Did you know there’s over 35 processes involved in making a diamond bracelet? With steps that makes you work in the fraction of a mm? Yes jewelry making is a fine art with fine details not most of us are involved in. To make a good, distinctive diamond bracelet you have to work at levels even smaller than that, it is no doubt a tedious times many times that involved some pretty complicated tasks that would make you want to go a bit insane.

When you work at these small things everyday its easy to lose focus of the bigger picture and which is as an independent jeweler you are running a business and running a business depends on being able to market effectively.

I believe too many jewelers out there simply focus on fine art of jewelry making and not enough emphasis on marketing. In my humble opinion the art of jewelry making once you master the art, should consist of 20% of your time. The rest of the time you should be building your brand and image and making that as big as you possibly can. Because no one is going to make it for you.

Everyday you should be focused on how can I get more people to recognize me. To many people are quivaleing over the small stuff and never actually going out there in the market place and letting yourself known which takes guts and preserverance.

It is the gut, grit & hustle we need. It is about always feeling you don’t have enough, never completely satisfied with where your at in life, and keep preservering until you see everything to completion.

In this market place I want to cover up and dominate. I want to take name and take charge. I want to control my own destiny, write my own checks, have a team of outstanding hard workers that also have a vision. I’m not about relaxing on a Friday and taking it easy. Until I become a millionaire I commit to a life of persistant, grit, hustle, hard work & more hard work.

I make sure I am being social and human along the way, but its all game time from here on out. I am competing with other Jker’s and even the coaches. I am persistently reaching places where other’s neglect.

It’s time for me to break out and take massive action. Massively brand myself and go towards big goals & vision in life. I am an entrepreneur and I don’t stop until I see success. There is a bright future ahead of me and I take massive action until I make it happen. I build my business when others are sleeping I take massive sick levels of action to improve my skills on the phone with sales and persuasion. I embody the teachings of Grand Cardone and Jordan Belfort.

I am unstoppable, I am reaching my prime.

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