Great Wedding in Ann Arbor Michigan, Custom Bracelet Requested


As a custom Jeweler, I get called all the time to make special jewelery for weddings and anniversaries. Recently I was called in by a newly wed that will be getting married next month in Ann Arbor, MI and they asked me to design for them the Tiara and memorable Diamond Bracelets.

Well I service all of Michigan so this was not a problem for me, I asked for the spec required and I went to work. I also like to ask for the reason for the Jewelry that I make because it affects how I design them.

After all the Bride already had a nice diamond ring on her hands, so I needed to really get clear on the purpose behind the bracelets. Well you can never know the reason behind these things until you ask.

Apparently the Bride’s mother past away not too long ago, and this diamond bracelet was what the mother always fashioned for special occasions going back all the way to childhood. The one she wore went down with her in the coffin and they wanted something to remember her by. A story the way she explained it with a smile that tried to hide her sadness almost brought tears to my eyes. There is a whole different mindset now involved with making this bracelet and I am honored to be chosen as Michigan’s top jeweler to take on such a work.

Their plan was to have the bracelet installed into the Limousine after the bow and on the ride home back. Because I have lived in Ann Arbor for several years and I do a lot of weddings, they asked me for recommendation for limo service in Ann Arbor as well and although I’ve tried Select Limos in the past, these days I found a new company whom I always refer my clients to they have the most premiere line up of limos and party bus I have seen in Michigan and I can refer my clients to them with full confidence.

So going back to the Bracelet Project, here is some sample pictures I’ve referenced so far. Very similar to what I have made in the past, but from the sounds of it they have pretty big budget, so these will be loaded with quality Diamonds.

Example #1


Example #2


Example #3



Because they did not have pictures of the mom’s bracelet, I had to bring up several pictures till we found the perfect one that most resembled her bracelet.

As Michigan’s most trusted Jeweler my standards are high. I will begin my creations exactly how my client wants it and then I will out perform the examples and make them something better than what they expected.

So the bracelet I will be making will be better than Example #2 and it will surely blow the couples away. I have already spoken to the Ann Arbor Limo Services owner and decided the perfect place to put the bracelet as a nice surprise when they are running high on positive emotions of just getting married and seeing this shimmering bracelet after they enter the limo will surely create a memory worth a lifetime.

-Custom Jewelry by Design

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